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An institution that focused on language and music was exactly what complimented the vixion brand. We created a brand that would put emphasis on language and music through colour and personality. The language & Music Academy is an educational institution that teaches both language and music studies. The brief was to create a brand that would encompass the brand personality from first glance.

  • The Language & Music Academy
  • Education
  • Design, Art Direction, Marketing
  • September 23rd, 2017
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Never Stop learning because life never stops teaching

- Anonymous

The Language & Music Academy was founded in 2017 with the primary vision of closing the local gap between foreign language and music. The biggest challenge that many people face when traveling abroad has been dialect. Such a challenge unfortunately affects all ages and even more regrettably, all professions. Foreign language is crucial to a nations economic competitiveness, national security and vital in understanding the diversity of people and cultures.

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A corporate design based on the expression of language and music in visual form. This corporate identity is rich in colour, simplistic in design and bold in personality.
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