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We discovered a professional and elegant tailor house that was in the most hidden location in Sandton. To our surprise Frans Tailor was the tailor engine behind a plethora of amazing popular socialites and suites. Unfortunatly the store and brand failed to suit(no pun intended) the service and product. A brand that would perfectly fit the amazing work was inevitably pitched. The vixion was made clear with a simple and elegant font accompanied by a distinct logomark that would be used throughout the brand contact points.

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  • Design, Branding, Marketing
  • July 5th, 2015
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brochure image
brochure image
You will never get a second chance to make a first impression

- Will Rogers

Frans Tailor is a tailoring store based in Sandton South Africa. Frans Tailor prides itself in creating the first impression deal breaker that can only be expressed and represented by the finest tailors in the land. Though there are a numerous amount of tailors, non have perfected the art of word of mouth marketing from first sight such as Frans Tailor. Frans Tailor makes what suits you.

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A brand idenity that is miles ahead of the tailor game. The perfect logomark that represents the brand and service through elegance and detail.
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